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    I am going to be moving to the Czech Republic within the next four years. I was born in the 80's in the US to Czech parents. However, they became US citizens a couple of years ago before I could apply for Czech citizenship. I can speak Czech fluently and my husband and I will be living with my grandfather (my whole family still lives there aside from my parents). I keep finding mixed thoughts on this especially since my parents aren't Czech citizens anymore, can anyone help? Is it even possible for me to attain Czech citizenship? Thank you for any help at all!
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    If your parents were czechoslovak citizens in time when you was born then you can apply for confirmation of czech citizenship. Amongs filling forms, you need only thing - Czech birth certificate, so you need your birth registered in CZ first.

    More about it is here: ... =2&amb=114

    It looks like your parents lost CS citizenship because of CS-US treaty about naturalization. Every one who lost CS citizenship in such way between years ???1939? and 1990 can get czech citizenship back without loosing US citizenship.

    I think that like a child of parent with CZ citizenship you can ask for naturalization and for remission of some conditions - 5 years in CZ, language, renouncing US citizenship etc.

    I recommend you to ask czech consulate (that link above) - they must have lot of experiences with similar causes.
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    Welcome redrova!
    I wish you the best of luck!
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    Ok, I will check that out then. Thank you so much for your help!! :D

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