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    I am visiting prague in july with my friends and i am looking for recommendations for good czech restaurants,especially close to the charles bridge

    anyone help?
  2. Eva2

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    Countyfan, it's harder to find a bad restaurant in Prague than to find a good one. The neighborhood of Charles bridge is absolutely loaded with restaurants, especialy on the Mala Strana side.
  3. Brody

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    Kolkovna in the Jewish quarter next to the statue of Kafka on Na Kolkovna street I think,is really nice pub/restuarant only a few minutes walk from the main old town square. Not the cheapest by Czech standards (but very cheap by English prices) it tends to have a nice mix of Czechs and tourists rather than the pack em in tourist trap joints on Staromestka Namesti. Try anything with dumplings or the beer sausage :)
  4. Brody

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    Or try going down the little alleys behind the Tyn church as there are some very nice restaurants just out of the way behind there.
  5. Dana

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    I'd recommend U Maltézských rytířů at Prokopská 10, which is a 5-min. walk from the Malá Strana end of the bridge, between Karmelitská and Maltézské náměstí. I used to go there years ago and the food was always excellent (steak, duck, Chateaubriand type meals). The owner's home-made apple strudel was out of this world! I haven't been there for a long time but hear it's been consistently good. It's a little pricey and you may want to make a reservation, especially to get a table in the downstairs gothic cellar, which I would highly recommend compared to the unexciting upstairs area.
  6. KJP

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    u medviku close to Narodni Trida is popular. It is one that doesnt employ a two tier price list (they can charge more, by law, if you are a foreigner)
  7. Halef

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    No, they can't. By law.
  8. KJP

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    But they can and often do, and it is the law. Possible you as a moderator missed the discussion of this in another thread ? As Karel stated, yes, it is wrong but true.

    This has been highlight in the local news here on more than one occasion.

    It is a law, but not a proper one. Moreover, as I mentioned in previous postings, I too have experienced this first hand, i.e. I have seen both the Czech national and Foreigner menus and their price differences.

    Vy jste Czech?
  9. KJP

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    Found it (bored at work :) )possibly u can discuss this with Karel, for both of you are Czech, yet have different information: either way, it seems to be comon knowledge that there exists a law that Czechs restaurants can charge more to foreigners...

    BTW_ Karel, lets not forget the CZECH LAW that states that you can be charged more for certain items because you are a foreigner. Czechs in NY pay the same for everything as the Americans that law has got to go. Often times when we go into a resturant we get a seperate menu, even when we speak Czech...not fair I say!

    Good luck with your move

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    Know that KJP. Very very nasty a thing indeed. The double menus, I mean.

    What sometimes happened to me in the US was that I was charged 15% tip without my asking for doing so. They did it just because I`m not American. Europeans don`t tip, they say, hence the bill disregarding my will to evaluate their service and tip accordingly. It`s not fair either, yet not as shameful as the double menus in the CR.


  10. Eva2

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  11. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    Eva, you are correct, I have eaten there. Also very good, and equally as pricy is Reykjavik...but damn good fish, eh? :}
  12. haukur

    haukur Active Member

    one of my favorite pubs/restaurants in prague is Restaurace U Spirku in Kozna, 12 Praha 1. This small and cosy typical old czech restaurant is amazingly cheap even though it's in the center and just few meters from the Old Town Square. It has the best Smazeny Syr i've ever tasted. It's one of the very few pubs in the center that has normal price of things.

    Here's a review of it from

    "You may well wonder how a place like this can still exist so close to Old Town Square and remain virtually ignored by tourists. It is loud, large, and low-priced, and locals - especially students - flock here like bees to honey. The beer is cheap at 17.50 Kc as is the limited but filling menu which includes spicy beef ghoulash (71 Kc), fried pork or chicken with potatoes and garnish (94 Kc) and beef steak with green peppers (138 Kc). Small salads cost 20-35 Kc. The quality of the food and service are much better than you'd expect at a place like this. This is a good place to come for a taste of local pub culture.

    average cost: CZK 120"

    As I said, it's one of my favorite Czech Pubs and I reccomend it, especially the smazeny syr. Two thumbs up.
  13. haukur

    haukur Active Member

    Ah, Reykjavík is good, but as you said it's pricy. I love the place, the food and the people(Þórir the owner is a great guy and all the staff is great) but it's just too pricy in my honest opinion. Really pricy. But if you really want some great fish dishes reykjavík is a great place to go
  14. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Fabulous menu u kachnicky...fine dining I hope in atmosphere too, but staying in Prague for long periods of time prices are not realistic "for me". I eat out often, but do not pay more than 100 Kc.

    One of my favourites is Ceska Koruna on Hastalske nam., between Old town square and Mustek.Food is very good and tables in Atrium are the best. However, when you enter you get empty bill, menu is on the board or you point and take it (beer too) on the tray to your table. They have number of different stations. "Sweet Dishes", "Cakes and coffee/tea", "Salads and health food dishes", "Main courses, which is followed by beer/drinks counter". They mark your bill. and you will pay at the exit. No tip, Czech prices same for everyone. Clean and big selection of CZECH meals.
  15. AggieMCJ

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    One of the best restaurants is Peklo, near the Strahov Monastery.
    It is a converted beer cellar dating back to the 12 century.
    Try the Chateaubriand! It's cooked for you tableside and is delicious.
  16. cipman

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    Hi folks!
    New kid on the block. By the way, great site and forum you have here!
    I'm planning a trip wich includes a 3 nights stay in Prague. While doing my homework i checked this section up and down. I came on magan's post saying about the Ceska Koruna restaurant. Reading the rbl's post before magan's i found that restaurant should be "...near the Stavovské Divadlo, somewhere between Havelska and Tirska ...".
    First of all I found no street named Tirska in Prague. The closest name is Rytirska which is paralel to Havelska. So I take it as a typo error. Ok. They're both close to Stavovské Divadlo and everything's fine.

    After that I came across this thread from which I understand that "Ceska Koruna on Hastalske nam"(esti) which is 730 m walking distance north from Stavovské Divadlo. Hmm...

    Now I turn to my gps navigation system and ask it about Ceska Koruna in the restaurants group. And i get: Vodickova 30, which is 910 m walking distance south from Stavovské Divadlo. Now I'm realy confused.

    So now I have three different locations for this restaurant. So, is it a restaurant network (like Mc'Donalds) and these are different places but the same network? Or there's something wrong with these addresses?

    Here is where my navigation system claims the restaurant is: map.
    And here are all three locations on my map:
    green pin= Stavovské Divadlo
    blue pin = Hastalske namesti
    red pin = Vodickova
    the other 2 pins, gold and purple = Havelska and Rytirska

    So, please help! Where is this restaurant after all? Thank you.
  17. cipman

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  18. Zeisig

    Zeisig Well-Known Member

    Magan's description of Česká Koruna is fitting to the Jarmark restaurant, Vodičkova 30, Praha 1 (in a large arcade with shops and restaurants). Maybe Česká Koruna is similar and in the same arcade.

    There are several Jarmarks in Prague and Brno: ... rk/kontakt
  19. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I will find my previous message and correct that. Made big mistake and said similar name right name of the location is HAVELSKA or Havelsky trh (market) or Havelske namesti. It is second street on your right when you walk from Mustek, at the same you will see market on your left.
    It is between Wenceslaw sq./Mustek and Old Town sq.

    Name is CESKA KORUNA OR HAVELSKA KORUNA (found it on internet under "Havelska" but look Havelska 23/501, Praha 1
  20. opepe

    opepe New Member

    Hi! U Spirku is closed since May 2005. Does anyone know something about it? Is it open or still closed?

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