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    Rules of global economy are merciless, so many regional bakeries are now grouped under corporations, like:

    which means they are using same recipes, I suppose.

    But some small bakeries still exist.
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    The situation on the bakery market in the Czech Republic is more or less identical with the situation on the beer market.

    Under communism there were relatively big regional bakeries united in one big national group. After the revolution, the regional bakeries became independent and a lot of new small local bakeries arose in the small-scale privatization.
    While the situation of small bakeries differed, some of them prospered and some disappeared, the bigger regional bakeries faced the same difficulties on the global market and merged into big corporations. There were two big corporations Odkolek and Delta pekárny which recently fused into one leading corporation United Bakeries.
    Other bakeries arosed arround the supermarkets chains which massively entered the Czech market in the late 90's.
    Right now, the small bakeries are rare in the big towns, but they prosper in small towns and villages.

    The products of the big bakeries are of average quality, relatively cheap and mutualy indistinguishable. The products of the small bakeries differ a lot and are typically of better quality, since it is the only way to survive.

    In my town, the locals choose the small stores according to the baker, in the same way as pubs according to the beer brand.

    The small bakeries are mostly known by the name of the baker, or by its location.
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    I'm only in Canada for another week, but already I'm missing Czech bread. Lunch just isn't the same. :cry:
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    I went to the Slovak shop in Dublin, SlovakPoint. A lot of the ethnic shops tend to be in outside the main retail areas because I suppose they are niche retailers. However, this place was in a very out of the way location. No wonder I couldn't find it! :D Anyway, the only bread they had was the Polish "Kings Bread" which is sold in all the supermarkets and Polish shops. I asked the girl in the shop if they had any special Czech/Slovak bread. All she had was what she described as a bread dumping. It was in a plastic pack in the fridge, I think its put in the oven.

    As for what you were discussing about bakeries, its the same in Ireland. I am sure there are still some small artisan bakeries, but the market is dominated by 2-3 big companies. There are a few smaller companies that market themselves as having a healthier product, but its still hardly homemade. The only places you see that now are at farmers markets and specialist shops. Also, there are a couple of small Polish bareries, and 1 or 2 that do Arabic bread.
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    I tried to read the article, but my reading Czech is not that good. Is there a translated veriosn -- into Englis that is?
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    Part of ROUGH translation: :oops:

    Czech bread is its composition so specific that it can not be removed from the menu or the soldiers in foreign missions. According to a study by scientists Defense University in Brno. Politicians, therefore, develops a special container pekárnu that soldiers anywhere in the world ensuring a supply of bread.

    Scientists and students from his department during the two-year research catering Czech soldiers in missions found that the supply of soldiers pekařskými products is totally unsatisfactory. For example, in the KFOR mission in Kosovo to receive Czech Fresh soldiers' Czech 'bread every three weeks. After about four days, but the bread was because it was old. Army executives, therefore, address the purchase of additional supplies for local bakers Kosovo. On the table is but the soldiers receive local bread, which is totally different.

    'With our bread is nesetkáme anywhere else than in the Czech Republic and part of southern Poland, Germany, northern Austria and Slovakia, 'stated Béza.Zásobování other than the Czech bread, it causes nutritional problems. The study showed that long-term consumption of bread toastového U.S. manufacturing Czech soldiers have little fiber, is produced only from wheat flour.

    Moreover, it is English bread so characteristic that form in the Czech Republic to 40 percent of daily diet. It can not be because of the menu just removed. 'Bread can dojíst to saturation and is not. Does the function of a single emergency food, but not replace it with anything other 'claims Béza.Nedostatek traditional bread, then it raises for soldiers and the psycho-social problems. Soldiers will be difficult after five hlídce in inaccessible terrain satisfied, When they cook for guláši or hrachové pottage podstrčí toasted bread.
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    Hmmm ... so if this is really true and scientific, then how do expat Czechs survive abroad? :wink: :lol:
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    Thanks. So I am surviving in the US - why? I have not had Czech bread for over 20 years. I guess it is my tough Czech cinstitution that has me going.
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    Good question! I don't know, but I sure miss it.
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    Hello, I am that girl from shop :) I remember you. You bought Kofola, didnt you? We dont have any slovak or czech bread at the moment and we hadnt it when you were in the shop. But few days before we had it, but we werent satisfied with it, so we are trying at the moment to find another company in SLovakia which could bake the bread for us. I know, that you were interested in special slovak bread, I though that you were lookig for dumping (its very popular in slovakia and a lot of people buy and it is also a special food dor Slovakia and Czech republic, so I didnt know which one you wanted. I know that my English is poor, but I really tried to understand you :) And polish bread is sold in our shop only for that time we will have slovak bread. But you know, we are new and we try our best to do everything customers to be satisfied. and slovak bread will be there as soon as possible 8)
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    Wow...what a co-incidence!! :D I can't believe you remember me....although I probably made an idiot of myself so no surprise that you did!! :D :D Sorry I hope you don't think I was complaining about your were actually very nice and helpful! :) Your English is good btw....and we Irish don't speak proper English anyway! :D And my Slovak is terrible! :D

    Actually I spoke to my "Czech friend" tonight, she said it is traditional "Czech brown bread"....I didn't ask the name as I don't want her to suspect anything...this will sort of be a surprise! :D Know what I mean 8) :lol: 8)

    I might visit your shop again....there are a few things I want to try and the chocolate I bought was amazing!!!!
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    Yes, I remember you, but I dont know why....there have been a lot of strangers in our shop, but you were one of few, which knew what you were buying :) usually strangers arent so interested in our products.
    And the czech brown bread isnt being sold in our shop at the moment, but as soon as we have it, I will let you know. slovak bread is quite similar to czech one :) I hope that it will be within the end of august because on the 1st of september I am flying home to study :wink: and maybe I am wrong, but you are working in pharmacy, arent you?
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    Yeah, I remember you are studying Medicine. I thought you were staying here longer though. You are only in Ireland a couple of Months? Actually, I work in Property, I was telling you that my friends brother is a doctor :D :D

    I am sure the Slovak bread will be the same. Its like how English and Irish recipies are very similar due to our cultural links.

    Maybe I will drop in before you go :)
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    Hey Baraborka

    Thanks for your help today. I will e-mail the shop to see when they are getting the bread in. Hopefully it is brown/dark.

    Safe home :) !
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    thank you too... I hope, that soon you will eat slovak bread every day and you will like it....tomorrow I am flying home, so... bye bye 8)
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    Hey Barabourka

    I was in the shop yesterday and Manik told me about his plans to set up a bakery.

    Thanks sooooo much for your help. I hope your studies go very well! :) :)

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    Hi, I am in Slovakia at the moment and I have just eaten slovak bread.....omg, it tastes great!! I hope, that you will like it too. You can give me a message if you like it or not :) bye
  20. thebig C

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    If it is that good, I hope I can try it very soon :) So, the bread is better, I'll bet the weather is better in Slovakia too! :lol:


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