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  1. Danjakob

    Danjakob Member

    Here is the email:
    "Ahoj daniel
    Vydim ze ta cstina ty jde moc dobre. Jak se ucis cesky. Je tady Czech Center oni by ti pomohli
    1000 dolaru je moc drahe. Ja jsem platil minuly rok asi 650. Musis letet ze zastavkou.
    Jestli budes miti cas pred skolou podivej se na Prahu

    Muzes psat s tvojim cousin Jason. On se taky chce ucit cesky mluvit
    Strejda mike"

    I can get some of it but I guess some is not spelled right? Also no special characters makes it hard.

  2. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Yes, there's some misspelling, an archaisms, and a few grammatical errors. Here's an approximate translation:

    Hi Daniel

    I see that the Czech [language] is going very well for you. How are you studying Czech? Here there is a Czech Center. They would help you. $1000 is very expensive. I paid around $650 last year. I have to run [literally "fly"] to the [bus?] stop. If you have time before school, take a look at Prague. [not sure of the context here, since you are in FL].

    You can write to your cousing, Jason. He is also learning to speak Czech.
    Uncle Mike
  3. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    My guess: Daniel will fly to Prague and his ticket will cost $1000, which seems to be too expensive to Uncle Mike as he paid only $650 last year. But it was with a change (s přestupem) or with an intermediate stop (se zastávkou).
  4. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Yes, you're probably right: Musis letet se zastavkou. It's hard to read with grammatical errors and no context to go on.
  5. Danjakob

    Danjakob Member

    Thanks a lot, It really helped.
    He sent me another message and I can't really understand it again.

    This is what I think it says, "Please send your home address. I Have something for you."

    Prosim posli tvoji adresu z domova. Ja neco pro tebe mam

  6. bibax

    bibax Well-Known Member

    Prosím pošli svoji adresu z domova. Něco pro tebe mám.
    Zdraví Strýček

    Please send your address from (your) home. I have something for you.
    Regards, Uncle
  7. Danjakob

    Danjakob Member

    Hello again,

    I have another message, I can understand basically all of it except the last word, nestartil. Here is the whole message.

    Ahoj synovci

    doufam ze se ucis cesky aby si v tom Brne nestartil
  8. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    Just a typo, it should be "neztratil" - from verb "Ztratit se" - to get lost (oneself).


    Hello nephew,

    I hope you are learning czech so you do not get lost in Brno.

    *Just one little detail - there should be "ses". Author probably wanted to write "aby jsi se" which not correct, but frequently used.

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