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  1. Karel

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    Did you think that the most hard-working nations are Americans or Japanese? Not quite. According to OECD Czechs spend more time at work than any other nation in the world.

    1. CR - 1 972 (hours per year, 2003)
    2. Poland - 1 956
    3. Greece - 1 938
    4. Slovakia - 1 814
    5. Japan - 1 801
    6. Spain - 1 800
    7. USA - 1 792
    8. Finland - 1 713
    9. Portugal - 1 676
    10. UK - 1 673
    11. Ireland - 1 613
    13. Italy - 1 591
    14. Sweden - 1 564
    15. Austria - 1 550
    16. Belgium - 1 542
    17. Denmark - 1 475
    18. France - 1 453
    19. Germany - 1 446
    20. Nethelands - 1 354
    21. Norway - 1 337
  2. Sova

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    You left off Australia and New Zealand: 1814 and 1813, respectively. Also, you apparently didn't read the footnote, saying "The data are intended for comparison of trends over time; they are unsuitable for comparisons of the level of average annual hours of work for a given year, because of the differences in their sources." (Italics added for emphasis)

    Source:, pp.312-313

    1) Don't take everything you read at face value.
    2) Read the fine print!
  3. Karel

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    How pompous, Sova! I`ve become your target ever since I pointed out your "everything`s relative" blunder.

    I got the information via Mlada Fronta Dnes

    Another piece of information is that an average American husband spends 3 hours a day on household chores while an average Japanese only 11 minutes. We never get the full picture.

  4. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Sorry Karel,

    I had assumed that you had gotten your information directly from the source you quoted (must be the scientist in me). The first moral still applies, however: don't believe everything you read (someone else may be taking the information out of context, as is apparently the case here). An extrapolation of the same point is don't pass on information unless you cite your source, so that others (who are interested in getting the full picture) may judge the validity of the information. It's not an issue of being pompous--rather, it's an issue of not believing the information you posted and my wanting to verify its accuracy (or lack thereof, as was the case here).
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    These statistics have me scratching my head ever so slightly.Due to the fact that all the big companies are moving to Czech form places like Scotland for the cheap labour(lets be honest about it !!!) you will soon not have anyone to compare your strange statistics to because their will not be any jobs for United Kingdom workers to attend!!!!!
  6. Eva2

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    Never mind Treeman!

    UK workers are moving to CR because of the cheep beer. :?
  7. Frank_pivo_4

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  8. treeman

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    let me take a few seconds out my day to give you a little bit of educational quality time.Scotland is not England it happens to be a seperate country forming part of the United Kingdom which consists of Scotland,England,Wales and Northern Ireland also I have to laugh even louder when somebody from Czech has a pop at another countries taxation system.....cmon man get with it!!!

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