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    Hello. I was wondering if someone had an experience with getting dual citizenship for their kids? I am Czech an my husband is American. If we have a baby that is born in the U.S. will it have dual citizenship automatically since at least one parent is a citizen in each country? I've been waiting getting my US citizenship because I think that the child has better chances to get Czech one when at least one parent is Czech. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done after the child is born or how does this work?

    Also, If I ever decided to get US citizenship (thru marriage) can I keep my Czech one? From what I read I should be fine but I was wondering if someone had any experience with it.

    Finally, if my husband and I decides to move to Czech Republic what would it take for him to be able to live and work there. Is there any way for him to obtain a dual citizenship as well? (not sure if the US allows this but I've heard there are ways;)).

    Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated!
    Thank you!
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    I am in similar situation. My wife is serbian and I am dual CZ/SR citizen. Our son received his CZ citizenship without any problems. You just have to have your marriage certificate translated into czech language and then your childs birth certificate and have them both notarized in CZ. Later on getting czech citizenship for your baby is standard procedure.....

    ...unless you get US citizenship first in which case you loose your CZ citizenship automatically and thus your child also doesn't stand any chance of getting CZ citizenship

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