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    I and three friends shall be travelling to Prague in June for a short break. we are in our mid twenties and would love to hear some first hand stories of what Prague is like, i.e what to do, what not to do, where to go, where not to go, prices etc. can anyone help?
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    My wife & I were in Praha last June & will be back this June. We are in our early 30's & were only there for 2 days, but we did a lot. We took a train from Germany & stopped in Pilzen to tour the brewery - that was cool. I like beer a lot.
    We just got a travel guide book & learned a lot from it.
    Everything is cheap there, especially food & drink. Hotels were cheap, but are getting more expensive.
    We made reservations for our hotel in Praha through a travel agent in Germany b/f we left, but this time I am doing my research online & will try to book something that way. If you can call the hotel & book a room in Czech (or in a language that is not english), then you will get better rates. Our German travel agent ordered our room in German & got better rates then the hotel had posted on the internet.
    See all the sites in the guide books. We like Rick Steves (you know the PBS guy). He has a website & sell his own guide book. We highly recomend it.
    If you have a car there, park it at the hotel. The subway or underground is very clean & safe. It is also cheap (tip- make sure you have small bills & coins b/f you go underground. We only had large bills & had a hell of a time getting "change" - not a concept they understand too well - we had to buy a lot of drinks from the soda machine to get change!). Once you interpret the map in the underground (ask an english-speaking tourist), buy a pass (all-day pass if you are going to do-the-town) & go anywhere & use the underground system all day!. The trollies on the surface will fill-in the gaps, but you can usually "pop out" of the underground within walking distance of the sites. Make sure you find out when the underground closes & make alternate plans to get home when staying out late. Oh yeah, It gets dark between 10 & 11 PM there in June.
    Good luck

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