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  1. McCracken

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    Is there a Czech equivalent to the English expression " to be on the same wave-length"?

    In other words to feel/think the same as somebody else about a particular subject or topic (or to be "in tune with somebody", to continue the radio terminology of the original).
  2. bibax

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    být naladěn na stejnou vlnu

    The original radio terminology: být naladěn na stejnou vlnovou délku (frekvenci)

    Pokud chceš s někým navázet radiové (bezdrátové) spojení, musíš být naladěn na stejnou frekvenci (vlnovou délku).

    If you want to establish wireless connection with someone, you must be (tuned) on the same wave length.
  3. McCracken

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    Thanks, Bibax

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