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    Speaking some of local lingo always helps and never more than when it’s time for a meal. Locals will appreciate your efforts, even if your pronunciation is off the mark, and might just introduce you to some regional specialities you would otherwise never have discovered.

    Useful Phrases:

    nhà hàng nyà hàng
    I am a vegetarian
    Tôi ăn chay doy un chay
    I would like…
    Xin cho tôi… sin jaw doy
    What’s the speciality here?
    Ở đây có món gì đặc biệt? ér day kó món zèe dạk beeet
    Not too spicy please
    Xin đ ừng cho cay quá Sin dùrng jaw kay gwá.
    No sugar.
    Không đường Kom durerng
    No salt.
    Không muối. Kom moo-ée.
    I’m allergic to…
    tôi bị dị ứng với… doy bẹe zẹe úrng ver-ee…
    I don’t eat…
    Tôi không được ăn.. doy kom dur-ẹrk un…
    thịt bò Tịt bàw
    thịt gà Tịt gà
    Cá Ká
    Fish sauce
    nước mắm Nur-érk múm
    Thịt heo Tịt hay-o
    Đậu phộng dọw fọm
    Can you please bring me..?
    Xin mang cho tôi..? Sin mang jaw doy..
    A spoon
    Cái thìa Kái tèe-a
    A knife
    Con dao Kon zow
    A fork
    Cái nĩa Kái nẽe-a
    Đôi đũa Doh-ee dõo-a
    A glass
    Cái ly Kái lee
    Can I have a (beer)please?
    Xin cho tôi (chai bia) sin cho doy (chai bee-a)
    Thank you,that was delicious.
    cám ơn,ngon lắm. ám ern, ngon lúm.
    The bill, please.
    Xin, tính tiền. Sin dín dee-èn
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    :D Teaching Vietnamese here isn't a best way ! I thought we should creat a site like this ! :D Hi there ! I am from Hanoi !
  3. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine tried to teach me some Vietnamese awhile back, but unfortunately, all I remember now is a few choice insults. :)
  4. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    Hehe ! You should ask me for that ! After a very short time, you could "blabber" all day with people who speak Vietnamese :lol:
  5. seoasiapodo

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    my purpose don't have to teach Vietnamese for everyone. Thing which I want at here, I want to share information with everyone.
    I live in Vietnam, I meet many people to like studying Vietnamese. but they don't know where study? I only want to help a little.
    you can copy this board to use when you go to Vietnam on holiday.
  6. doman

    doman Well-Known Member

    Co trang Web nao day tieng Viet khong ? Giup link di ! Cai trang nay hay nhung la trang du lich. Dau co thay Day tieng Viet ? :D

    Cam on !
  7. hamihaha

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    Is Vietnamese study popular in Czech Republic?
  8. Petr_B

    Petr_B Well-Known Member

    As far as I know - no, it is not. And frankly speaking, I can't imagine a single reason why it should be popular here. Is it popular in some other European countries?
    I wouldn't even say that learning any Eastern Asia language like Chinese or Japanese is really popular (those languages being much more important due to the number of native speakers and the economical (and cultural) power of China/Japan) in the Czech Republic, but at least those are being taught at several universities. Sure, there is quite a lot of Vietnamese living here but they seem to learn Czech very fast and even if they weren't I doubt the situation would be any different.

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