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  1. kiwiboy

    kiwiboy Member

    hi could anyone tell me where to start looking for work
    i live in frydik -mistek i have been trying to learn czech language but its going very slow maybe some one knows of somewhere i can go to find work :(
  2. Polednikova

    Polednikova Well-Known Member

    The main occupation in the Czech Republic for those who can't speak Czech seems to be teaching English but you really need a TEFL qualification for that, unfortunately. Perhaps you could fund a course because I get the impression that it is fairly easy to walk into teaching jobs after qualifying.

    I'm intrigued to know what has brought you here. New Zealand is an awfully long way to come without having a job lined up and not speaking the language, especially to somewhere so far away from Prague.

    Edit: Sorry, I've just seen in another thread that you have a Czech wife.
  3. kiwiboy

    kiwiboy Member

    it's hard right now i think once i learn more czech doors will start to open for me here.i must remeber my wife had to give up 4 years or her live here to be with me in New Zealand.the language is hard to learn but i know we will be ok :)

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