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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Emma K, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Emma K

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    I hope someone can tell me a little about the cost/availabilty of the following services. I'll use USD$ to explain the prices since I think most people won't know how much the NZ dollar is worth, but you can tell me how much in Koruna. I am trying to decide if I should get contacts and orthapedic shoe inserts before I come to Czech.

    A visit to an optomitrist plus 6 months of contacts would cost me about USD$ 160. A trip to the podiatrist plus shoe inserts would cost USD$66. Am I better off waiting to use these services in the Czech Republic? Anyone have experience?

    Thanks in advance for any knowledge you can offer,

  2. Ctyri koruny

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    Well I'm not sure about these specific things, but if you are working you will be paying government health insurance (which is horribly expensive, but i've been told I've no choice) so certain things will be free. Hopefully a Czech person can write which things!

    I know when I went to the dermatologist that was covered.

    Anyone here wear contacts?

    I could almost guarantee you it's a fraction of the price here hee hee, but my friends tell me you usually have to get a day off work just for an eye exam and sit around in the waiting room. They give everyone one time (in the morning) and you might not be seen till the afternoon.

    But I suppose it depends on where you go! Bigger cities probably have opticians rather than you having to go to the clinic, so there would be no waiting.
  3. Emma K

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    Haha! Always a catch eh... thats ok though- good to know. Anyone else have experience with these matters?
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    If you work in CZ you have all access to public health assistance, so visit at the specialist = 30 CZK, basic medical material sponsored... Don't have experience lately, but some years ago the public insurance used to pay 50 % of contacts, if needed (not if only an option to glasses).
    Anyway, big optics have their own optometrists (ask if English speaking, sometimes they are present only on some days) and there you don't pay anything, only the contacts you buy. Prices... online, I think :wink:
  5. joebrno

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    These are the contacts on offer at one of the leading optician chains in the CR.

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like their price list is on line. It is available in-store :-( At least you can see what's on offer.

    Maybe you could mail them.


    BTW contact lenses = kontaktni cocky in Czech

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