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    During my bus travels through the Czech Republic everywhere there were vast fiels (cultivated) of canary yellow blooms all over the countryside...When I asked the bus driver, what kind of crop it was, he replied "cooking oil seeds" -- he named it in Czech, but the word was not in my vocabulary -- Hence, if anyone knows what it is called in English, I would greatly appreciate the answer, since I do no beleive this seed/plant ( I've never seen it here before) is grown in the US.... Thanks.

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    It was řepka olejka = a European herb (Brassica napus) of the mustard family grown as a forage crop for sheep and hogs and for its seeds which yield rapeseed oil and are a bird food.

    Canola = Canada oil--low acid,
    a rape plant of an improved variety having seeds that are low in erucic acid and are the source of canola oil.
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    Thank you for the informatiom. I've seen Canola oil -- on the grocery shelves here in the US and they also seem to used it quite extensively in tha canning industry (sardines, clams & oysters). The reason I've not seen it grown in my area (south/south west), is the fact that it must be a crop that is grown mainly in the cooler northern latitutes like Canada.

    At times, I forget, that the Czech Republic lies at about the same latitute as St. Paul/Minneapolis -- International Falls, Minn. But in Minnessota they only grow giant mosquitos, blueberries and iron ore?


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