Filling up Propane bottles (Camping car )

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  1. stervraz

    stervraz New Member

    Everything is in the title .

    Is it possible to fill up gaz bottle (French ) in Tchequie ???

    If yes where ??

    My stay in Tchequie is related to that possibility .

    Thank you
  2. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    With a propane-butane mix? Yes, that’s possible.

    Hm, a French bottle, possibly we use the same type of bottles, but I’m not sure of it. But I suppose the type of the bottle more or less doesn’t matter, when filling it.

    We can’t give you a specific answer, unless you specify the place of your interest.

    In general, at some gas stations, at gasworks etc.
    Very often, the building material shops offer it. Also many other companies/factories using the gas sell it to the public too.

    But often, they just change filled bottles for empties which could be problem for you.
  3. stervraz

    stervraz New Member

    Thanks for your reply .
    I will be touring the country in a camping car . I can understand that changing the bottles ,mine being French it is probably not the solution .Refilling is the way to do it .You said that it is possible in some gas station ?
    By experience the thread for the connection of the filling hose is usually a problem .For some reason it is different from one country to the next .I have been trying to find some web site where i can find that information but i do not speak the language ,and i am sorry for that .
  4. wer

    wer Well-Known Member

    The common Czech bottles (2 kg, 10 kg, 33 kg) look like these:


    Just look for LPG labels. They are quite common.

    It’s difficult to find a company selling it in the whole country, this one seems to have contacts in all regions. Write, where you wan’t to go (a region, town), and we could give you a contact to a local company.
  5. stervraz

    stervraz New Member


    The Vitogaz name seems familiar i have to check it ,it might be the solution .
    My bottles are about the size of the middle one
    Thanks again

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