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    I am looking for more information on my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother. their parents ect.

    Karel Kabelac 06 Jun 1859 Hermanuv Mestec
    Wilhelmine Lanz
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    You can try to contact the city hall in Heřmanův Městec (, or the Archives in Chrudim (, but given the era of your interest you shloud focus on The State Regional Archives in Zámrsk (There are all the records from 1587 to 1949 from Eastern Bohemia excluding Jewish registers).

    The name “Kabeláč” seems be common in Heřmanův Městec. With a little of googling you can find Kabeláč Boh. (Bohumil, Bohuslav?) among WWI victims in Heřmanův Městec:


    One Kabeláč is also among the first soccer players in Heřmanův Městec.

    Another Kabeláč is Kabeláč Jaromír who wrote a lot of stuff on history of Heřmanův Městec.

    And finally, in the phone dictionary there also figures one Kabeláč in Heřmanův Městec:

    Kabeláč Vladislav
    Pokorného 104
    53803 Heřmanův Městec

    phone: 469 696 467

    The second name, Wilhelmine Lanz, seems be German which is uncommon for Heřmanův Městec, there was mostly Czech population and a Jewish Ghetto.
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    Thank you for the info. I do have a Bohumil Kabelac. My great Grand Uncle. I could not find the WWI info you mentioned. I did find the soccer info but unfortuately it only gives last name and not first. alond with it being in Czech.

    Thanks again!

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