Going to Prague and need some help :( plz!

Discussion in 'General Language' started by jitensha, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. jitensha

    jitensha New Member

    Hello everyone (^_^) Next week I'm going to spend 3 wonderful days in the Czech Republic...but I'm screwed lol....I dont know any Czech :( My father recieved a free trip to Progue for work, and since my 18th birthday just passed recently he wanted to surprise me and take me too, so afterwards I can go to Spain and visit my family. Now I'm one to enjoy traveling a lot! but sometimes I get very scared when I dont know anything about where I'm going.
    For the past 4 years I have been studying Japanese intensily, and when I finally went to Japan, it was a dream come true. I'm sure there are many people on this Forum who love the Czech language. who have never been to the Czech Republic and want to go badly. I get mad at people when they flaunt how they went here and there, and didnt enjoy it. Each country has its own majestic beauty, and I want to discover that. I want to go to Progue and come back a more mature and understanding person, so that other people who wish they could visit Czech Republic know I didnt go just to go, but to learn some thing amazing, breath taking, and life changing.
    If possible I would appreciate if all of you would please post basic sentances for me, basic structure for words, Czech manners (so I dont do something stupid lol "Damb stupid American!!!" ::shakes fist::). I mean I dont even know how to say hello, and im not gonna go copy and paste it and pretend I do, I am completly and utterly lost. Also if any of you know something that can show me pronunciation, (hehe monkey see monkey do) I'm good with pronunciation because I speak 3 totally different languages fluenty lol so I'm used to it (and well I like doing it too :p). I love to practice other languages ;) Wish me luck :cry:
  2. Paint

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    www.myczechrepublic.com has great links to language information - try "mini phrasebook" (found on the left side of the homepage) and www.locallingo.com. You can even click on phrases and hear how they sound, if you have a computer with speakers. Good luck!
  3. jitensha

    jitensha New Member

    Thanks so much! I will try my best :D
  4. Karel Fous

    Karel Fous Well-Known Member

    A lot of people understand basic English, so you can speak slow and simply English on street or at pubs. 8)
    On the other hands, a some of ladies working as shops assitent expects (and demands) you will speak Czech and have tendency not serve you, if your wish will not been said clearly Czech. :cry:
    If you will be able speak very good Czech, it will be better also for get better prices at some shops. Very carefuly at taxi cabs prices if you speak in foreign language!!! :twisted:
    But don't worry, I believe you'll enjoy your stay at Praha.
  5. iluvuma1

    iluvuma1 Well-Known Member

    Even if people were to post expressions- unless you know what Czech letters sound like- you will pronounce the words wrong. Try some language tapes. Also buy or check out a travel guide from the library to get basic cultural info... Good luck!
  6. jitensha

    jitensha New Member

    yeah I knoe I mmight have problems with all that, Im gonna go listen to those audio clips for pronouncing stuff lol, Czech looks like a fun language to write (hehe like Japanese) its all good. Wish me luck my plane leave in 11 hours ˆˆ :::starts studying like a crazy woman:::
  7. jitensha

    jitensha New Member

    *update* Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know....this is an amazing place...As I walked upon the plaza from which father shares the name (Wenceslas) I feel almost overwhelmed by the atmopshere of the area...The great parties with music and dancing, being welcomed by bread and salt, and looking over the bridges with saints and majestic scenery. Walking up and down the streets of the old Town, every hour enjoying the small show from the Astral Clock, I finally feel like this is a small jewel in Europe unknown to most Americans. From the statistics I read Prague is the 4th most visited place in Europe behind Paris, London etc. It is quite a breathtaking scene,write more later :p (keyboard is retarded ><)

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