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  1. :D
    Hi, my name is Arthur. I would just like to introduce myself and give you some insight on why I asked to join this site. I was born and raised here in the southern part of the USA in a state called Mississippi. I was a member of the United States Marine Corps for 7 years and I've traveled all of over the world except for Asia. I've been to Europe several times as well but I've never been to Czech Republic specifically. My girlfriend however was born and raised in Brno. She came to the USA in 1998 when she was 23 I believe, she spoke no English and had no friends or relatives here besides the other friend she came here with from Hodonín, CZ. My girlfriend's mom owns a restaurant in Brno called, Rybářská Bašta(I think) & it's located at, Rakovecká 34
    Bystrc‎ South Moravia‎ 63500(I think I typed that right). Well we've been talking more and more about moving to her home country to live. I think it would be a great opportunity for me to really see new things because of the general area. I was suppose to visit this past summer and meet her family but I had a family emergency and she had to go alone. Right now we're planning on visiting Brno this upcoming spring.
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    Welcome Arthur.
  3. Thank you... :)
    I made long post in the expat section with question that I have about moving to Czech Republic. Any answers and information will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Arthur and welcome to the boards! I am not from Brno but I'll try to answer some of your questions as best I can. I hope you get some help here from Brno residents.
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    Welcome! I live in the US.
  6. :)
    I see that you live in Palm Springs. I use go there on the weekends when I was stationed in 29 Palms, CA.
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    You didn't miss much. It's been a hot year. :D
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    Welcome this is the place to be. I have alot of good freinds here who can answer just about any question you might have.

    Ps, Thank you sir for serving our country !!

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