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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by stepan, Mar 16, 2006.

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    I am looking for any Hejda's living west of Praha around Mrazov. The older members would be in their late 60's or early 70's. Not sure of younger members - number or ages.
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    Yes, that Mrazov - near Marianske Lasne
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    Well, I have found out that the Hejda relatives would be living in the Praha area. One Hejda - Jan, age 26 - is a hockey player in Canada. He may be my father's great grandson - thus my great half-nephew.

    So - are there may Hejda's in the Praha area?
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    Well, I am revising this post because I have been able to get some information from this translation:

    "Do poválečné historie Zotavovny ROH v Sedmihorkách se zapsal její dlouholetý vedoucí Václav Adámek. Ten odešel do důchodu 30.září 1975 ve věku 64 let. Zotavovnu vedl plných 13 let. Na jeho místo nastoupil 45 letý Štěpán Hejda dosud zastávající místo vedoucího zotavovny v Peci p.Sněžkou. "

    "His place in the post-war history of the „zotavovna ROH“ in Sedmihorky has its long time manager Václav Adámek. He retired on September 30th 1975 in the age of 64. He was managing the "zotavovna" for full 13 years. He was replaced by Štěpán Hejda (45) who is still working as a manager of „zotavovna“ in Pec p. Sněžkou (place in Krkonoše mountains). "

    Zotavovny ROH – the hotels belonging to trade unions
    Zotavovna = appr. „recreation house“

    I do believe that this man, Štěpán Hejda, is my half-brother from my father's first marraige. My half brother from my mother's first marriage mentioned to me that he remembers playing with my father's son who was in his teens in the mid 40's. This would be right since he was 45 years old in 1975, making him 15 in 1945. If he is still alive today, he would be 77 years old.

    Is there any way to make contact with the gentleman if he is still alive?
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    I have had no response to this post. If anyone is familar with ANY members of the Hejda Family, please let me know.
  8. stepan

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    Well, throught he miracle of Facebook, I was able to locate by "lost" family in Praha. I have been in contact with a young man who is my father's great grandson. Two of my father's children are alive. I am looking forward to planning a trip and meeting these family members that I did not know existed until 20 years ago.

    For people looking for relatives, I recommend signing up in Facebook a then searching for the last name(s) you are looking for - remember to also look for the feminized version of the name. Ask them to become your friends and then when they respond, send an e-mail, detailing the who, what and where. Miracles can happen.
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    I am late in posting this, but things have been busy.

    In April 2010, my "half-niece" Hana visited from the Czech Republic with Standa. Her mother and I are half-brother and half-sister. They spent 2 weeks in the US, visiting us for two weekends. We had a great time, and even though neither of us knew the other existed a year ago, we were family immediately.

    Hana and Standa arrived on April 9th and spent two nights with us before going to Florida for a visit. I found then accommodation on the beach and they spent 3-4 nights there and drove around a lot the rest of the time. They flew back to Washington on Friday, April 16th and spent the weekend with us, visiting different things in the area, including a Virginia winery. On Monday April 19th, they rented a car, drove to upstate New York to see her grandfather’s (my father’s) grave, and then to Niagara Falls. Then they drove to New York City and visited an old family friend. They also had a chance to meet my sister. On Monday April 26th, they flew back to the Czech Republic.

    I had planned to take my family to visit in this August, but we were unable to make the arrangements, so now we plan to go either next spring or next fall. Summer may be too hot.

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