Hello everybody!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Poodle1977, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Poodle1977

    Poodle1977 Member

    This is my first post :D
    I'm Barbara and i'm a 29 year old housewife from Tamworth (UK)
    Hi everyone!!!!
  2. Isa

    Isa Member

    Hi Barbara!

    My name is Isa! I am from Bristol UK. Nice to see you on here! So what has brought you to the site?

    Isa x :D
  3. Paco 70

    Paco 70 New Member

    Hi Barbara, and everyone, my name is Paolo, I'm 37 I'm from Brescia Italy.
    It's my very first time in a forum or chat or anything else in this site.
    I'm looking for an help to find a Czech school or Czech language lessons.

  4. laylah

    laylah Well-Known Member

    Hi Barbara, I'm Laylah from Cheshire, Uk. Just wanted to say "hello" and like Isa, wonder what's brought you to "My Czech Republic". I'm learning Czech as I have a Czech daughter-in-law and want to know more about her country, language and culture - but I've always been interested in other cutltures and languages though I only have a working knowledge of French, besides my native English - and that's in need of a good brush up! :)

  5. wissy

    wissy Well-Known Member

    Hi to Poodle, Isa and Laylah.
    It's great to have more Brits on the site. (no disrespect intended to you Paolo). This is a wonderful site with many pleasant and helpful people from CR and around the world.....Enjoy. :D
  6. Poodle1977

    Poodle1977 Member

    Hi everybody!

    I found this forum whilst using 'Local Lingo' to try and teach myself some basic Czech! I am planning a trip to Prague in February so i thought i'd better learn some words and phrases...it's a difficult language to learn if you are English but i like a challenge :wink:

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