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    Hello everyone!

    I am new to this board but have been involved with many other message boards and even a moderator once or twice. This place has a familiar feel to it but I have to admit, I am quite lost with the Czech information, language and just general understanding.... (That is why I am here)

    I came to be interested in my Grandparents who came over to the USA through Ellis Island and I started to research it. I thought that my one set of grandparents both where Greek but after finding some documentation, my Grand Mother was Czech. Pretty cool I must admit!

    I will have tons of questions and I am sure I will be looking for help in the up and coming months. I am finding the language hard to translate myself but I am not discouraged.

    Before I load the message board up with questions, I will read over the information already provided as I am sure that there is plenty of questions answered already posted.

    Thanks for the time and patients of the members here and I thank everyone in advance for any help that anyone might offer! I look forward to this journey finding my heritage and think it is wonderful to have family perhaps living in Czech Republic now.

    Sam of Western Pennsylvania

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