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    Hi All! I've recently been offered an opportunity to work in Prague for an international company and wanted to find out more about the Czech Republic before final acceptance. I've visited Prague in the past as a tourist and a student, but I know that just visiting and actually living there are two completely different things.

    On my previous visit, I was studying the affect of globalization in the CR since the fall of communism for a project for my Master's degree. I had the wonderful opportunity to travel between Vienna, Budapest and Prague and speak with business owners and executives in corporations in those countries. While finding a striking contrast between the western-style of business in Vienna and the former eastern block country Hungary, this contrast was less so in Prague. In fact, Prague definitely appears to be THE place to be if one is in business. I must say, with the globalization efforts going on around the world, it's interesting to find oneself now in the middle of it instead of just studying it as an objective observer.

    Prague is just such an amazing city, I can't help but look forward to moving there. My daughter is currently a teenager and hasn't traveled much so I think this will be a remarkable experience for her as well. I found this forum in my effort to find out a little more what the reality of living in the CR are. School for my daughter is probably the biggest. She speaks no czech so an english school will be a challenge monetarily.

    I have appreciated browsing everyone's posts to date. I look forward to reading more!

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