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  1. tetian

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    My father is going to Prague for the motorcycle racing and is wanting some information on how to get to Horice from Prague. The dates of the racing is 21st and 22nd of June. Any help would be appreciated.[/i]
  2. Zik

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    Hello, time tables of all buses, trains and flights in the Czech Republic you can quickly find on IDOS (English version). This website made Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic.

    I offten use it, it's very well done, modern and comfortable. For example hire you can see today's buses from Prague to Hořice (btw. my birthplace :D).

    If you write „Hořice“ (or „Horice“), you will be asked which Hořice do you mean. I think Hořice you mean are in the Jičín region. Then select Horice [JC].

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