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    I have upset the girl of my life and would like to tell her something in Czech, would you be kind to help please ?

    Here is I want to say :

    I am sorry if I did upset you.I can wait for you all my life, you are the one I am meant to have, the princess I saw in my dreams since I am a child.Please let me be yours.

    Dekuji !!

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    Je mi líto že jsem tě rozlobil. (Prosímtě odpustˇ mi = please forgive me.) Ty jsi moje princezna kterou jsem viděl ve svých snech už jako malý chlapec. Já na tebe počkám protože (v mém srdci vidím že = I know in my heart) ty jsi ta pravá pro mě. Já chci být tvůj.

    I added some phrases to make it flow a little smoother. :) You can use them or not. It will work either way.

    Below is a very close translations of what I have written in Czech. What do you think?

    I am sorry that I upset you. Please forgive me. You are my princess whom I have seen in my dreams already as a little boy. I will wait for you because in my heart I know that you are the one for me. I want to be yours.


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