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  1. Malnik

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    Its an article in Prague post, they are talking about the rise in the number of Islamic followers in CR. I'm glad to see they claim most Czech Islamic followers condemn terrorism in all forms but.......

    These chaps are from the Islamic Foundation in Prague:

    "Right after the attacks in London and Egypt, the Islamic Foundation in Prague published a proclamation in which it clearly described these terrorist attacks as being against Islam and condemned them," says El-Badawi, sitting in a small office at the Islamic Information Center in Prague in Politicky´ch veznu? street, close to Wenceslas Square.

    Not everyone at the center has been voicing such diplomatic language. In an interview with Lidové noviny July 23, Samer Shehaden, an interpreter and official at the center, voiced his opposition to the London bombings but said he is "unable to completely disagree with" the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

    When asked whether Palestinian suicide attacks against Israeli civilians are justified, Shehaden, who was born in Prague and is of Palestinian origin, replied, "There is no civilian population in Israel."

    El-Badawi, who studied in Egypt and knows the Koran by heart, insists that Shehaden was voicing his own opinions rather than speaking in the name of the Islamic Foundation. The imam adds that he has condemned the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.

    Asked whether he believes suicide bombing is wrong in all circumstances, El-Badawi replies, "Yes, I reject it in all cases. Except one. If someone attacks you and takes away your land or attacks you in your own house, you must defend yourself. And if there's no other way of self-defense, then one defends his family and house."

    As to whether this qualification may apply to killing civilians, El-Badawi replies, "I don't want to speak about specific situations."
    (I wonder why?)

    So it seems you cant bomb the Brits, or the Czechs....but everyone, including the children, in Israel are not civillians and can be targets. Oh and the planes in New York were acceptable also.
    This from a man who is a translator and official. He obviously comes into contact with lots of people who he can - if he wants - pass on his views to. Perhaps vulnerable new converts....

    My concern is how long will it be until the Czech Govt does something these religous people dont like and suddenly....... You know the rest.

    In one breath we are told Islam is a peace loving religion, in another its OK to kill people if they fall into a certain category - So which is it????

  2. Eva2

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    Thanks, Malnik, for mentioning this. El-Badawi's comment is typical of all two-faced Muslim officials, most of whom privately sympatize with the terrorists. Islam is a serious disease and Czechs should take preventive measures or else they will face the same problems Western Europe does.

    Islam is NOT a religion of peace as they want us to believe. Once it gains foothold in a democratic country, Islam take advantage of the democratic process to establish rights for its followers. As their numbers grow, so do their demands. The process begins peacefully and gradually becomes violent. Muslims are now involved in 90% of all armed conflicts around the world. Since Islam as a faith rejects democracy (the aim of Islam is complete submission to religious dictate in all matters) it should not be allowed to benefit from the democratic system.

    The CR still has the advantage of a relatively small number of Muslims. If preventive measures are not taken, this will change when they bring in their extensive families and begin to breed. For a sample of what this means, take the liberal Holland as an example. After the harrowing murder of film maker van Gogh, the Dutch no longer feel safe in their own country. For that very reason 50,000 Dutch a year immigrate mostly to Australia and Canada. Tolerance is a beautiful concept but it may cost you your homeland.
  3. sheko

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    sorry but all what i wanna the islam in peace religion i lived in egypt for long time they are so gr8 and love us but that TERRORISM take the islam as cover to do what they wanna do kill and so on , but the truth the islam hate and punsh people who use the religion for killing or hurt people i think sorry u need to read and talk alot to muslims coz i was like u but when i saw the truth with my self it's complelty diffrent they are so gr8 thats why them poulatuion grow around the world and in the same time thats why TERRORISM take the islam as cover coz they are alot so u can find in every nation and every country bad people u can wash them brans and control them and read about muslims in usa and canda u will find the places where they live less in crime and recpect people so i think u should say that what u wrote was ur opnion u didn't say that base on the truth coz i saw it with my self and they are so gr8 .....
  4. sheko

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    u also can see this on this form ]

    Travel Tips & Advice>How do the Czech regard Americans?

    read the replay for torikeso 22 Jul 2004
    and u will understand what i said he agree with me
  5. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Religion is evil. :wink:

    Anyway, thanks to Czech mistrust to religion, number of islam folowers in Czech republic is still about 10 000 - 0.1% of population, mostly former refugees from Yugoslavian war.

    Number of converts is minimal - a few hundred people - mostly wifes of muslims.
  6. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure that Egyptians are great people. I personaly know a few that deserve my outmost respect. People should not be hated just because they happened to be born Muslims. However that is not the point here. What we don't want to see in our midst are individuals like this one:

    http://pessimistatwork.blogspot.com/200 ... women.html

    Sadly this guy is not an exception. There are thousands like him trying to set up shop in western countries. And they have a following.

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