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  1. Matilda

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    I wanna send msg to my boyfriends mum! :D I dunno Czech so well:( and im not so sure how to write this correctly. So.. How can I say:

    I miss you so much. Thank you once more for everything!
    I bought our fly tickets today! We will be there 28.2! I can’t wait to meet you again.
    With much love, Matilda
  2. alomem

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    Hodne mi chybis(te). Jeste jednou za vsechno dekuji!
    Dneska jsem koupila letenky. Dorazime 28.2! Hrozne se tesim az se zase uvidime.
    S laskou, Matylda

    In the first sentence
    Hodne mi chybis ..... if you have informal realitonship with your boyfriend's mother, if you consider her as a friend

    Hodne mi chybite ..... if the relationship is more formal and if you want to be polite and show her respect.

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