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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by CoolMJ, Aug 13, 2004.

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    I'm Madhawa and from Sri Lanka. I've a dating with one of Czech girls for over one year and we are falling in love. We’ll marry on this winter! I really love beautiful Czech Republic and need to live in there. Then I would like to marry in CR.
    My questions are, if I married Czech girl, can I stay in Czech Republic? And How? (Because I really love Czech Republic and her family. my businesses are base on Europe and US, now I'm living Sri Lanka for one year)


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    After you get married in the Czech republic you will definitely be entitled to get residence permit (valid for 3 years I guess) and work permit.

    Have a look at the site of the Czech embassy in the country where you live. That's where detailed information about this can usually be found: http://www.czechembassy.org/wwwo/?zu=newdelhi

    Some info may also be available on the Interior Ministry site:
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    If all your documents are correct and you can prove that you have the 'means' to support yourself, then you'll be granted 'permanent residency'. This gives the same benefits as citizenship, but you're not allowed to vote.
    I went through this last year, it's relatively simple.
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    Thank you guys!
    I got more info from www



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