In prague may 11 - 16: accommodation, beer gardens?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by s_rahul, Mar 31, 2004.

  1. s_rahul

    s_rahul New Member


    i shall be in prague from may 11 to 16.
    if anyone there can help me with accomodation (find a good cheap cleab place near central city) would help a lot.

    also if some one knows good bier gardens:) it would help!

  2. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Hi Rahul,

    Have you seen the Accommodation Page on My Czech Republic? On the hostel page you can check pricing and availability and on the hotel/pension search page you can put in the max price you want to pay and get a listing that fits your criteria.

    I think there is a good selection of places that are centrally located. I would not recommend a place right on Wenceslas Square.

  3. racoon

    racoon Active Member

    Beer garden.....we say HOSPODA ?
    Don't miss:
    "U Pinkasu" (centrum-close to Wenceslav square)
    "U vystrelenyho voka" (Zizkov)
    "U Fleku"(centrum close to Narodni divadlo-National theatre)
    "U tygra"(centrum Stare Mesto, I think Husova Street or close)
    "U cernyho vola"( north of Prague Castle, do not miss or not come back)
    "Pivnice ve Skorepce"! ( centrum street Skorepska )
    and 100m away on small squre"U dvou kocek"
    small"Popocaffepetl"(centrum close to Narodni divadlo-National theatre)
    "U brouka"(street Vltavska 22 ) careful - TAXI, walet
  4. shaz

    shaz Member

    Jeff, i was looking to stay at the Apostolic hotel (after reading good reviews) but you say not to stay right on Wencelas Square, can you tell me why?


    OK I WAS WRONG THERE! IT IS ACTUALLY ON OLD TOWN SQUARE! So now i am truly stumped- Blue Key on Lesser Town, or Apostolic on Old Town, help!

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