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    I am a high school student in the U.S.A. I have found out great,great,great uncle is Ing.Jind Rich Simon Baar and I am trying to find out more information on this suject. Is there anyone one who could help me?
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    We were able to find out some information about the Czech writer Jindrich Simon Baar. Hopefully this is the person you are inquiring about. The "Ing." title used in front of his name is confusing, because it normally stands for "inzenyr" (someone who graduated in a technical or economic field of study), while Baar was a pastor. Here is the information we are able to provide:

    Jindrich Simon Baar (Jan Cimbura) was a Czech pastor and writer. He was born to a peasant family in the town of Klenci on Feb. 7, 1869 and died in 1925. The majority of his literary work (short stories, a trilogy, possibly also poems) was devoted to his native Chodsko - the region where he was born, and its people, customs, and traditions.

    "Chodska trilogie" (The Chodsko Trilogy) consists of
    Part I: "Pani komisarka" - about the town of Klenci at the beginning of the revolutionary year 1848
    Part II: "Osmactyricatnici" - the revolutionary events in the Chodsko region in 1848
    Part III: "Lusy"

    Books for kids:
    "Chodske pohadky" (Fairy Tales from Chodsko)

    This is all the information we could find. It is not a lot, but hopefully you will receive responses from other people through the Local Lingo Bulletin Board.

    Thank you for contacting Local Lingo!

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