Josef Radimersky - KK Strassemeister?

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    Hello everyone! I have researched my father's family history for a number of years now but have recently started research on my mom's side. Her father's family is from the Czech Republic. My grandfather's father (Charles Radimersky) kept a wonderful journal for most of his life and I've had the privilege of enjoying and studying that journal for the past year. There are repeated references to my great grandfather's great, great uncle, Josef Radimersky. Josef supposedly held the title of KK (which I have now learned means Kaiser Konigliche) Strassemeister. He was born June 25, 1817 and died May 17, 1909. I also know through family stories that several of my ancestors served in the Prussian armed forces. Josef became somewhat of a war hero in the Battle at Solferino. I am currently investigating these claims to learn more but have not been able to find all that much and was hoping someone here could shed some light and at least point me in the right direction! What do these titles indicate? As always, many thanks to you all!! :D
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    The authentic Czech form of the surname is most likely Radiměřský (female form Radiměřská), Czech form of the name Charles is Karel, German form is Karl.

    KK (resp k. k.) stays for kaiserlich-königlich which is German for Imperial-Royal, corresponding Czech form is císařsko-královský (short c. k.).
    This attribute was used with practically all state offices within Habsburg Empire (1804–67) and within Cisleithania (1867-1918).
    Similar attribute kaiserlich und königlich (short k. u. k.; in Czech císařský a královský, short c. a. k.) was used within Austria-Hungaria (1867-1918, in army 1889-1918).

    Straßenmeister (alt. spelling Strassenmeister) is German for (street) patrolman (i.e. policeman).

    It may be possible for some relatives, but it is rather unlikely for a K.K. Strassenmeister (given Habsburgs and Prussia were enemies).
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    Very interesting .. thank you so much for your response! :D

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