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    I am searching for my Klima relatives from Praha, Kladno, or Kopisty.

    When my Mother Emilie, now 83 years old, was a child her family went back to Czech, probably around the 1930s and they stayed with her maternal grandparents (Fanfulik's) in Blatna, then with her father's brother's family, Josef Klima in Prague. She remembers that they stayed with them for a few days above their shoe store right in or near the old medieval center. Josef had two younger boys, but unfortunately my Mom can't recall their names now. By now they may be in their late 70's if they are still alive, however they may have children. Josef and my grandfather, Vaclav's family were miners from Kopisty. From the Archivex research, I learned that Josef died in Kladno in 1954 so there's a possibility that after searching Prague, Kladno might be the next best guess.

    Is there such a thing as a Government Census taken every few years? Since Klima is a common name and I don't have first names, this is a difficult search. Can anyone recommend a course of action?

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