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    I am trying to find the origin &/or meaning of the surname "Kodadek".
    I'm told by my Czech mother-in-law that it is a common name, but haven't been able to find any information.

    Can anybody help?


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    Most probably, the surname Kodadek (or Kodádek) is derived from the verb ,,kodásati" (obsolete) = žvaniti, tlachati, i. e. to prattle, blether, tattle; so it would be Tattler in English.
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    I found 16 instances of Kodádek and 21 instances of Kodádková in the Central Registry. Then it is not so common name.

    The verb kodásati (or kocati < kodsati) is an intensivum of the verb kodati, hence the noun kodada and dimin. kodádek. The verb kodati is now nearly forgotten and not in use.

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