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  1. MichaelM

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    A strange request, I know. I have a czech friend (in Florida) who has been diagnosed with cancer. To brighten her days, I would like to send her bouquets of flowers periodically. I have read that flowers are important in czech culture (or, at least appreciated). Are there any particular types of flowers or colors (or combinations) that are meaningful? Do particular colors (combinations) send any particular signal? Thanks for any help on this one.
  2. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    Maybe they are, but as you can see, still no answer.

    It is unlikely she knows such a combinations either. Woman always appreciate bunch of flowers, I guess you cannot make a mistake using hot bright colors like orange.
  3. meluzina

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    i thought of two things that i've heard - don't know how many people actually hold to these rules though...

    1) odd number of flowers as a gift, even number for a grave

    2) some people don't like mums as a gift - they consider them to be a "graveyard flower"
  4. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    I cannot do anything else then agree.

    ad 1 - You can buy 50 roses (or other sort of flowers), nobody will count them :)

    ad 2 - I guess all kinds of small, white or blue, meadow-like flowers are considered "graveyard flowers"

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