Last Jewish transport from CSSR (Prague) to Israel

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    Does anyone have any information regrading the last allowed ( by the CSSR administration/government ) transport of Czech citizens of Jewish decent to Israel as a "good will gesture".

    This was the last "legal" departure of Czech subjects & family to leave the country sometime in March/April 1949 ( I do not have the exact date) The transport left Prague Hlavni Nadrazi, trough Austia, Itali to the Port of Bari and then enbarked on the ship Jerusalem (and converted rusted out Libery cargo ship ) for the Port of Haifa.

    I'm interested of finding out "everything" possible on the subject, including the passangeres list -- manifest -- I was one of the 6 year old passangers, and we were "denied" entri to Israel because we did not have "proof" of being Jews and placed into a Israeli DP camp (similar to a consentration camp) in the desert for 6 months until we could buy our freedom.. .

    Just curiosity on my part, and Isreal seems to have "lost" these records. Maybe there are some records in the Czech Republic available for the public.


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    What a fascinating story Victor. Best of luck with your search. :)

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