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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Krakonos, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Krakonos

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    Has anyone seen Casanova or Wonderful circus in Laterna magika??
    How did you like it and would you recommend it??
  2. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I have seen Cirkus more than 20 years ago in Original Laterna Magica theatre. Production was developed in 60's for World Exhibition. It was tremendously popular. One of the main reasons was new idea of projection screen behind the actors. It felt magical. They have been playing it every since - I suspect that Cirkus is original play.

    I went to see it again, years later - around 1990 in new location (where it is now) and was dissapointed. Magic was gone. It felt "too commercial". But perhaps, I have have been around too long and have seen many things since that first time. This type of show was not unique any more.

    Not very long time ago, I was looking for some entertainment for our quests. Show became "tourist thing/travel agencies are filling it up. Cost of the tickets went up tremendously, certainly way out or reach for Czech family and not reasonable for visitor either. I felt it is appalling that tickets are much higher than to magnificent National Theatre next door, which would be really unique experience for visitor of Prague.

    If you want to buy tickets to ND, just walk towards the back of the courtyard and ticket office is on right side.
  3. Viktor

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    I agree with Magan. The first time I saw Laretna Magika was in 1970. All I can say is that I was delighted --the best entretainment experince I had, and the memories stayed with me for years; Magnificent! However, during my visit last year, I insisted to "see it agian", and this time I could not wait for it to be over. Guess, my expectaitons were amplified over the years.

    Perhaps this expereince can be enjoyed only the "first time"-- much like seeing the Star Wars movie the first time I was awed, but then seeing it over again, the Magic was also gone.. Also, the audience was somewhat "different" in 2005, in 1970 everyone was "dressed up formal" as it was customary to attend the theater ( and not too many tourists), this last time the tee shirt/shorts /cellphones crowd took some of the magic from the event.

    The older I get,the more I beleive that it is true; "You can't go home again"!...


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