living close to 'Na Knízecí' bus station in Praha

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by abelha maja, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. abelha maja

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    Dear Prague dwellers

    I am going to be in the CR as a language assistant and would love to stay in Praha. I am planning to take the bus from the 'Na Knízecí' bus station daily but find little information about this location. Can anyone tell me which is the name and number of this area? Is it a good and reasonably priced area to live? Will it be easy to find people to share a flat with?

    Any advice welcome! Thanks!

  2. magan

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    It is Praha - Smichov. Na Knizeci is bus terminal close to Andel Metro station (large grocery store there too), plenty of shops. Lots of trams to chose from. Location is very good for transportation and shopping.

    You can take out of town bus from this bus terminal and also few buses within the city where trams and metro don't go. Where will you be working????

    It is very hard to tell what kind of accommodation you may end up with. You should be aware that even though area is being renovated, there is still lots of nasty looking buildings and some not very appealing people.

    On other hand, you could find some apartment renovated for rental and it may be quite nice.

    I would not get into long time rental agreement, but take some time to see it personally before I give my word. If there is some possibility of you staying in Hostel for a while, then you might be able to do that.
  3. abelha maja

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    Thanks a lot Magan!

    Just found our about the area today :)

    I will be working in Pribram, quite a trip from there, but we'll see if it works...

  4. SMZ

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    I just returned to the US after living in the Smichov area (quite near Andel) for several months, and despite the dire predictions thought it was just fine.

    I think that it used to be a semi-scary (or maybe just plain scary) area, but the worst I saw were some scruffy looking guys who would occasionally hang out at the corner potraviny, but even they weren't SO bad. It used to make me laugh that when I'd walk by on my way home they'd all say (in their gargly, smoker's voices), "Dobry den, pani!" and I'd "Dobry den!" them right back.

    I guess it depends on what you expect and what you consider an acceptable area, but for the money I thought it was just fine.

  5. magan

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