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    Can anyone tell me anything about these places. They were on a postcard sent to my Grandad, the year was 1907. The postcard has a stamp mark from Pilgram in Bohemn. Fortovna pod Kremesnik; Chram sv Trojice; Studanka zazraenevody; Lit Th Bohm Nove Mesto Met; On the postcard are pictures of two churches; an altra with two angels on each side; and a large two story house, with forest and mountains in the background. In the center of the pictures are the words Pozdrav v Kremesnika. Could these places still be in the Czech Republic? Thanks, SK
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    The St. Trinity (sv. Trojice) church on the pilgrimage hill Křemešník, near Pelhřimov (Pilgram).
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    Thanks so much! This is definitely the place on my postcard! From what I've found out, there's a chapel at the bottom of the hill, and it looks like it might be the other church on the postcard. I'm so excited to know that these places are still in the Czech Republic and were not destroyed during the wars. Thanks again,SK
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    No wonder, Czech Republic (buildings, economy,...) was minimally affected by the wars.
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    I'm so glad to hear this. It is my dream to one day visit my Grandad's beautiful homeland. It would be great to see some of the same sites that he saw growing up there. Thanks, SK
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    Does anyone know if, at Kremesnik, there is a place known as "The Rock"? Maybe it might have been a popular place to take photo's. Thanks, SK

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