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    I would like to take a genealogy trip through Europe, someday! I know it would be a long way off. I still have more research in the states to do. I also want to just shop and look at museums and see the cultures of these countries. I have looked at travel sites just to get a guesstimation on what it would cost. It seems to be rather hard to find anything about traveling all these places on one trip. I found packages for Detroit to London and London to Prague, but not Prague to Copenhagen. I found London to Copenhagen, but it seems rather expensive on this route. Is there any way to get to Copenhagen from Prague? Even though it will be more than a year I would like to know how much to save for and etc. I need an incentive for quiting smoking and buying useless trinkets. I'm guessing that it would probably cost $4,000-$5,000usd with flight, hotel and personal expenses? If anyone has suggestions on where to look for all these places in one trip please let me know.

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    You can get to Copenhagen from Prague by Czech Airlines and the price is approximately 6000Kc.
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    Hi gementricxs,

    Thank you soooo much for the link. The prices are waaaaay better than Orbitz and the other travel sites. I've been playing around with many itineraries and they all seem much better.

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    Hi Sigma,

    Thanx for the link :) !

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    Thanx, Cornflake.

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