Looking for a Dentist & Orthodontist in Prague

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous (Czech-Related)' started by Dana, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    In relation to the previous topic posted by vinny, can anyone recommend a good dentist in Prague who performs professional dental cleaning and high quality dental work? Also looking for an orthodontist. Thank you!

  2. KJP

    KJP Well-Known Member

    My experiences with Czech Dentists has been...well, painful! About 6 years ago in Sporilov, I had a cavity. My czech friend took me to a local dentist..she was a big woman, wit a mustache! She proceed to drill my tooth...w/o any injection. Needless to say, the pain was great and I requested a shot. SHe called me a baby, sprayed something on the tip of a q-tip , shoved it into the nerve and it was goodnight. I awoke with a filling, which I spat out 4 days later ( then back to the states to have it done right).

    Now, there are modern dentists here now, but for an idea on price, I went to one near Andel, they wanted 7000 kc (about 370 USD today) to CLEAN MY TEETH (yes, they would grind, buff and polish, but that is outrageously overpriced)

    The filling in Sporilov 6 years ago cost me 300 kc, then a flight ticket home.

    Word has it, if you need all new choppers, or gum work, many crowns, the big stuff...the Ukraine is the place to go (so say all my German friends)
  3. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    7000 Kč for cleaning?!?!?! :shock: I wonder who pays that much. I paid 120 USD in California and thought THAT was a lot!

    About the injection... I grew up going to Czech dentists, so having a tooth drilled without any anesthetic is nothing out of the ordinary for me. I actually couldn't believe it the first time I heard they give you an injection before filling a cavity in the U.S. and I thought what babies those Americans are! Then again, the Czech dentist I used to go to took about 10 minutes on the whole job (hence the quality) whereas the dentist I went to in the U.S. spent a whole hour fiddling with one tooth, with quite a different result obviously. Of course now I'm spoiled and expect that one should only feel about three seconds of pain when going to the dentist.

    Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations, they'll be much appreciated!

  4. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    The only good dentist I know is in Jihlava. Sorry--not exactly a short trip!
  5. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    My friends who live in Vienna come to Praha to have their teeth done at
    Dr. Slavikova
    Cerchovska 8, Pha 2
    Telephone: 222 721 634

    I have been there too and I was impessed. She renovated basement of the apartment building (Entrance from street, ring the bell) into LOVELY waiting room etc. and office. Extremely cleen, she is very efficient and pleasant.

    I am not sure how good is her English, I speak Czech. I have also accompanied my friend sho doesnt speek Czech and she too said THAT is the dentist to be recommended.

    I do not remember how much we paid, however, do remember that I phoned and she told me on the phone price for the work, so there was not surprise. It was priced in decent manner I thought at the time.

    Good luck and please if you go, report on how much she was charging and what you had done.

    You will walk to her office from Metro Jiriho z Podebrad, or from street car stop Trznice on Vinohradska Trida, coming from Vaclavske namesti.
  6. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi magan,

    Thank you for the recommendation, I'll definitely consider this dentist. I don't need an English speaking one, I'm Czech myself, so no problem there. I'll post a report here if I go to her.

    Thanks again!


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