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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by kdlabaja, May 15, 2004.

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    My name is Kevin Dlabaja. I am looking for any information about the Dlabaja surname. I know that it is Czech, but, I dont know what part of the Czech republic that it comes from. Any information would be greatly apreciated.
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    thank you for your reply.
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    Are you looking for the California or Texas Dlabaja? The Texas Dlabaja are my ancestors. They came from Zelechovice, Moravia. My gr gr grandmother and gr grandfather 10 Apr 1883 but I haven't fround my gr gr grandfather in the records. They resided in Burleson and Lee Co, Texas.

    There is another group of Dlabaja that lived in Ellis Co, Texas. We haven't found any connection to them but I THINK that Dlabaja is from Zadervice (spelling may be way off) which is close to Zelechovice and they are both close to Zlin, Moravia. They arrived in Texas I think in 1884.

    I think we have corresponded in the past. The only Kevin Dlabay I know is my brother. I don't think we connect but maybe we do.

    Kathy (Dlabay) Makiewicz---Ohio
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    Since your posting is over four years old, I don't know if you are still looking for info on the Dlabaj line or not. I descend from the Texas line of Dlabajs. My great, great grandmother, Maryanna Dlabaj, was b. on 8 Feb 1859 at Luzkovice, Moravia. I can take this line back three more generations, and all were born in Luzkovice.
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    Yes, I've received my information since the above post. My Dlabaja are from Luzkovice #8, Moravia and Maryanna Dlabajova is also from Luzkovice #8, Moravia.

    Are you related to (or are you) the Mayor of Bryan? I've been in contact with him in the past about our connections.

    I do have the siblings of Maryanna and her grandfather, gr grandfather and gr gr grandfather.

    After marriage my gr gr grandfather resided at Želechovice nad Drevnicí #46, Moravia where 3 of their 8 children were born.

    Contact me and if this is E. W. then email me as I might have some information you don't have, i.e. all of the siblings and their birth dates.


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