Looking for English/Italian speaking people in Brno

Discussion in 'Make a Connection' started by Rob P, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Rob P

    Rob P Member

    Believe me, I DID try to improve my Czech, but after almost 2 years living in Brno I just miss being able to just meet up for a chat and talk fluently with someone..
    If you live around Brno and feel the same way, let me know.
    I am 29 and own a pub in Veveři.
  2. Wicker808

    Wicker808 Well-Known Member

    You should have asked earlier. I was in Brno for a long time until recently. How did you wind up with a pub there? Which one is it?
  3. Rob P

    Rob P Member

    It's a Rock/Metal pub called "Paterlord" in Jana Uhra street, just off Veveři (Konečneho naměsti, if you know the area).
    Basically, I married a Czech girl, also my business partner, who I met while working in England. Although I love it over here and I'm constantly sorrounded by people due to the nature of my job, I find it quite hard to make friends, as I'm not too fluent in Czech.
    I hope things will improve after posting these messages..
  4. vvachhan

    vvachhan New Member

    Hi Rob,

    I am here in Brno for almost a year now and feel the same as you.
    People enjoy English music (may it be rock or House) but dont speak English.

    I have heard about your pub from a forigner in Brno.
    Will visit it some time and ask around for you.
    Or drop me you number and we can chat up.

    Regards, V.
  5. jmrenka

    jmrenka New Member

    Hi Rob... Im so sad becouse of you. Becouse of your problem to find english speaking people to talk to them. Becouse I know many people in Brno who are english speaking. I dont undestand how it is possible you have problmes like this. Especially in Brno. This city is full of english speaking students. Im Czech but I guess I speak quite enough to talk. I had a friend from South Africa in Brno, but he has to left few months ago and I really miss someone to talk to english. Someone who doesnt think like czech. Sometimes is good to change opinions I use to hear here.

    So let me know If you are interested. BTW My name is George Im 25 and I live in Zabovresky.


    And one more think... I looking for someone who will help me to make some content about our city for this web. I have some informations and authors agreement for use some photos. But I need someone who is better in english and who can helps me to correct some mystakes. Who can show me his view to this city becouse

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