Looking for flat mates in Prague!!!!!

Discussion in 'Housing - For Rent, Sale or Exchange' started by MikeyHorse, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. MikeyHorse

    MikeyHorse New Member

    I am 25 year old man from the United Kingdom, been in prague on/off for 3 years and would like to return permanently. I am looking for some people/person to share a flat with preferably english speaking but I also speak good czech.

    Please let me know if you are interested anyone male or female and we will get in touch later.

    Thankyou and goodbye !!!!

  2. ChristianL18

    ChristianL18 New Member

    I am 18 and I am going to be going to school in Prague for atleast the next few years, I speak English as my 1st language, and I am also looking for a roommate. If you are still interested, just send a reply.
  3. Martin C

    Martin C New Member

    hey i am moving to prague too in september though.. i am 24 and i currently live in toronto, ontario (canada). give me a shout on my email (luvzap@msn.com) either way. it would be nice to know some people up there when i go too!!

  4. calivida

    calivida Member

    Hey! Going to Prague to study ChristianL18? Me also! I am going in sept and attending charles univ. I have the option of living in kolej komenskeho, but interested in living in a flat close to town ( not a dorm like setting) . I am 19 and from central coast california. let me know what your plans are..

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