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Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Kimm, Mar 31, 2004.

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    :) Hello,

    I am wondering if anyone know's of Polachek's who may live in Prague or maybe surronding area. My Greatgrandfather Franc Polachek came from Prague to the U.S.A . I do not have much info about him but i do about my Grandfather Frank Polachek. He was born in Prague on Jan-25-1893. He then came to the U.S.A. through Ellis Island on the Ship "Leviathen" he arrived in 1924 at the age of 19.I do know his mother my greatgrandmother stayed in Prague.She did not come to the U.S. I know once he was setteled in the U.S. he did go back (idon't know how many times) to see his mother who lived in Prague. My relatives tell me now that we do have cousins still in Czech today. I am looking for any info . It would be so wonderful to talk or meet them.There are so many question i have . But not just that they a part of me ,my famliy. Who i would love to know. Thank -You so much!!!!! :wink:
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    Polańćek (Czech spelling) is a very common name in the Czech Republic. I found 130 in the online phonebook for just the Prague area (there are probably many more). It might help if you knew whether you grandfather is from the city itself, or from a village on the outskirts. You'd probably have better luck if he is from a village, as you are more likely to find family members still in the area. Other than this, I can only suggest that there are some websites where one can find distant cousins in the Czech Republic for a fee. I don't know what their success rate is or whom to recommend to you, though you may find this route to be a reasonable solution.
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    :D Thanks Sova for the info that was very nice of you . Yeah i been on alot of the wbsites and and for a fee they can help I tried a couple of times with no results. Anyways just wondering where the online phone book you were looking at what web site do I go to? Thanks so much :)
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    Good luck with your search. My surname is Polacek but my grandfather came from Western Slovakia, a small town called Vadovce. You will find the name all throughout Czech Republic, especially in Southern Moravia, and primarily in the western part of the Slovak republic.

    The name translates roughly as "little Pole" and is of Czech origin, even Slovaks say this. Perhaps it refers to someone who originally lived in Polish lands.

    Again, good luck with your search, patience and persistence along with good advice are the keys.

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