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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Vince, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Vince

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    Hello there,

    I am french, and I am considering moving to Praha for many reasons. I currently live in UK. So I already speak fluently two languages. In may 2004, Czech republik will be in Europe, ( :p ) so working visa wont be necessary for european citizens.Will it be hard for me to find a job over there? I dont have any special diploma, just a lot of general knowledges.Im not worryed with cultural shock, I will adapt easily i think. I could work in a call center, but still have received any reply from recruitment agency (not patient enough, i send them my cv 2 days ago only). Starting salary 16000-22000 kronens/month. Is it possible to live on it in Praha? Also, is it possible to rent a room only or I will have to rent a little studio or flat? I dont speak Czech yet, but I can learn while working. What good advices would you give me? Is there a website where good tips are given for those who want to move there?
    wow wow, calm down vince, too much questions.... :p
    Thank you in advanced for posting!
  2. magan

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    No. 1 advice: do not pay Job agency as rule is that employer is paying. Thos who are asking job applicants for money do not have any prospects for them.

    I think that you have a great attitude. Finding a job will be as difficult as anywhere else. Gone are times at the beginning of 1990 when Cz. was hungry for English speaking people. Now they are looking for gualifications not only language.

    You are doing it wright though - first find te job. I would suggest that you search on internet which international companies are in Cz. and start applying for job to them. But do not apply just for "anything". You have to find out what can you do for them and then offer it. This could be probably communicated by e-mail with individual companies.

    Did you visited Cz. before, why did you decided to look for job there?
    Good luck!

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