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    i was thinking of moving to czech but im having trouble getting information off the internet.a couple thing i was wanting to know is whats the average income there in your currency and i was wanting to know about the school year.. when or if kids get extended time kids get about 2-3 months off for a summer break and im trying to time our move just right
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    Comparing Czech republic with other european countries, one can say ČR is not for those, who want earn big money. Average wage is cca 17 000 krouns. It`s equal to $570 . As far as I know, people find anything, except money in Czech [​IMG] Someone finds Prague, another one finds his love.
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    The summer break at schools (grammar and high ones) takes two months, July and August. The school year starts 1.9. (or first working day after that date, of course) and ends 30.6. The second longest holiday is at Christmas, kids usually stay at home from 23.12 until 1.1. There is also "spring holiday" - one free week in February or March. And of course some other free days such as 1st May, the Easter Monday (today) and some others.

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