my praguer experiences....the new czech life!

Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by shreypete, Apr 14, 2008.

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    So far I quite like Prague. When I first came here from the States, the culture shock was quite profound but now I've really begun to accept this and in fact respect it and like it.

    Prague is just such a beautiful place although I can't stand the number of smokers and other shady people here. I sort of like my university but I do think the professors here seem to be much more subjective that in the States (note: this only applies to the First Faculty of Medicine).

    Regarding czech girls, I think they are very beautiful and some seem to be so cultured that it makes you wanna live with them forever. However these few ones that I've seen were outside of Prague. Prague in my opinion, is filled with tons of blondes who seem to go for guys with either money, or personal appearance which I guess is common in any cosmopolitan city (nevertheless it seems to be more common here).

    I was just wondering if czech girls like Indian guys? My aunt in fact married a czech man and she's quite happy in her relationship. But I always keep wondering how hard it is to find someone in a city like Prague as they tend to only like people who speak their language (and it's quite understandable). I know this is a very sillyy question, but the reson why I brought it up is because my czech professor once mentioned in a party that if you want to learn more about the czech culture and language, marry a czech girl!!! What do you guys (and girls) think?
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    I share your experience of Prague exact.Regarding learning czech culture is better to have a girlfriend than marry a girl :D

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