Nebo, lepe receno

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  1. Kikko

    Kikko Well-Known Member

    Hi all guys [​IMG]
    Well i've met this little construction while I was reading, but I'm not SO sure about the meaning.

    Well in italian I would translate it as "o per meglio dire..." (Lorenzo if you happen to read here and can confirm it [​IMG] )

    Since none of you speaks italian, let's try english

    Is it used when I say something but I immediately wanna say it more precisely?

    Jsi nejinteligentnější ze všech přitomných!
    Nebo, lepe řeceno, jsi inteligentnější než já [​IMG]

    (You are the most intelligent of everyone here! Well or better, you are more than me [​IMG] )

    Is it correct?

    Wish you all a nice summer

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  2. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    Hi Kikko,

    This construction can be translated as "or rather..." (or something to that effect) and, as you correctly pointed out, is used to clarify something you just said or to express it in a more precise, correct way.

    E.g. You are the most intelligent of everyone here. Or rather, you are more intelligent than me. / Or I should say, you are more intelligent than me. / Or, to be precise, you are more intelligent than me.
  3. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo Well-Known Member

    Hi Kikko [​IMG]

    Yes, after reading Dana's explanation I can confirm it [​IMG]

    Mimochodem, hledám dobrý česko-italský slovník. Máš nějaký? Můžeš mi něco zajímavého poradit? [​IMG]

    Měj se hezky!


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