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    I have quite a few things but I don't know where to start.

    Is there a book that I could look up the words in czeck and find the english words???

    I have A newpaper article that was sent to my grandfather Long ago . My grandfather has passed away years ago and I am trying to find out what I can about family history. My grandfather at age of 4 came over on the Barbarosa into New York New York on march 14 1913. His father and Mother were Mr. Anton and Mrs. Marie Sodoma. my grandfather was 14 years older than his brother. There were only two children. Marie was suppose to have been put in orphanage at birth. Her last name was Bartlova or Barslova.

    Headline on article" NASICH DEVADESAT LET Sokola Tabor v Berwyn Ill."

    Another document "Krestni List"
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    You mean like a dictionary?
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    You are a funny sort. I love you. :D
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