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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Steve7138, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Just found tis website!
    Wish to visit Czech Republic.
    I'm Steve--a Czech-American, over 40, with MPA, orginally from Texas.
    Was President of Czech Club at major university during late 1970's.
    I'm never married, and would like to meet any qualified Czech women.
    Concerned about dwindling margins of Czechs and their culture in Texas/USA.
    Unlike some young persons, I KNOW what a kolache is!
    Wish to know tips on traveling. I really want to see my great-grandparents homeland! I'm proud of the Czech people and what they've acomplished in the Republic, in the US, and on the world's stage. They're cool, easy-going, have style, have proven themselves over and over again as a classy, tolerant ethnic group, and yet lack the
    snootty, eltist, violent, pushy cultural "You must like our culture or else" overkill mentality like some Anglo/Hispanic cultures/people I'm familiar with in the US.

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