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    Not long time ago I bought a DVD with 2 old czech movies, moreover I can watch in czech and the language is extremely right and decent :) The films are PROTI VSEM a JAN ROHAC Z DUBE. Unfortunately it's only 3d and 4th parts of great epic histroic drama, 1st and 2d I havent found. But still I have several question to forumers.

    1. Do Czech people like this stuff made in Soviet era? Is it popular now?
    2. How true is it regarding to the history?

    My personal opinion about these films :wink:
    It's quite naive and full of cheap patriotism. But I think that making such films is a great step in developing national cinema, well each country needs such films. Everything looks epic, i guess these films are ones of the most expensive in CR, though I can be wrong.

    Now your opinion :wink:
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    It depends, but generaly Czech movies (old or new) are favoured, especially from older people. There was created some very good movies in Soviet era too, partialy because financial subsidy from state.

    Some things was changed for propaganda. For historic facts look here:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:B ... ssite_Wars

    Yep. But look on similar hollywood movies like The Patriot or Braveheart.
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    First two parts are Jan Hus a Jan Žižka.
    Without any doubt.
    Maybe, but Czech film industry was already highly developed in this era. There was a big film boom in WWII when a lot of romantic and crazy comedies were made.
    Yes, at that time it was the most expensive film project.
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    "Older" people, who are they? older then 30?

    I haven't found any propaganda except patriotism :wink:

    I didnt watch these films and I dont have any intention to do it :D

    Thank you guys, I ll check up the links :)
  6. eso

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    People, who lived bigger part their live in old regime and weren't disidents.

    Anyway - any Czech movie in Czech cinemas beats any non-czech movie.

    Sometimes it's hard to find difference. ;)

    "Patriotism is a virtue of the vicious," according to Oscar Wilde.
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    well, I am a partiot :D proud patriot.
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    Maybe you misunderstand me.
    I don't talk about quality but about box office.

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