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    My grandfather, Peter Papach, was born in Chermna, Austria in 1889.
    Anyone aware of the current city of Chermna? How about the name Papach. Is it of Czech descent? I am trying to do some family history stuff. Any help is greatly appreciated
    Thank you and Happy New year.
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    It looks czech, probably Čermná. There are four places with this name in Czechia:

    1. Domažlice district
    2. Part of Libouchec, Ústí nad Labem district
    3. Trutnov district
    4. Part of Hrádek, Klatovy district

    But there are more places where "Čermná" is part of it's name:

    Dolní Čermná, Horní Čermná - Ústí nad Orlicí district
    Čermná nad Orlicí - Rychnov nad Kněžnou district
    Česká Čermná - Náchod district

    If it is czech (or other slavic) it is probably Papač or Papać. If you put it into google, most of links refer to serbian or bosnian pages. It may be czech or slovak as well, but most likely the name is of serbian/croatian/bosnian descent.

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