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  1. meet

    meet New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    Myself amit from india and i am coming to czech next month to work for IBM GSDC but there are several doubts in my mind which has to be clear first and for this i need the help from the people who are already working there and from those who had worked for IBM.My doubts are:
    1) what is the Job security if sombody coming on IBM payroll?
    2)how much a person can save there?
    3)Waht abt the relocation package,when it get reimbursed?

    Kindly Help me to overcome this puzzle situation.. :roll:
    Reply will be highly appreciated

  2. Alexx

    Alexx Well-Known Member

    :idea: You better try to search the forum, there were at least ten other people from India or Pakistan asking questions about relocating to IBM Brno in last year. As they probably are working in Brno now, they may help you with your questions, so try to contact them directly.

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